Friday, June 19, 2015

Kelly down 100k

PHILADELPHIA - For many NFL teams the six weeks between mandatory minicamp and training camp can seem like an eternity.

Left to their own devices for six weeks, immature young men with money tend to do some stupid things but Chip Kelly downplayed that as the Eagles wrapped up their offseason work on Thursday.

"It’s the same message we always have with them," Kelly said when asked about adressing potential problems. " It's a great group.  We trust them.  They've got their individual workouts that they'll be accountable for when they come back.  Just , ‘Enjoy your time off. You deserve your time off. You've worked extremely hard since April 20, and looking forward to getting you guys back in here on the first.’"

Well it's been one day and one member of the organization is getting some negative publicity but it's not some 22-year-old rookie, it's the head coach himself.

Kelly is on the hook for $99,000 after failing to give proper notice when terminating his lease on a penthouse in Old City, according to The Legal Intelligencer.

A city judge ruled in favor of landlord Tempa Berish, finding that  Kelly failed to give notice he was moving out from his $11,000-per-month digs after a year.

The Kelly side hinged on the fact that the leasing agent was reportedly aware Kelly was looking to buy a home and needed a flexible lease. They claim the 90-day notice required under the lease terms differed from verbal promises made.

Kelly is facing a $79,000 judgment and will also lose a $20,000 security deposit.

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