Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maclin leaves cancer scare behind

Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin has finally been cleared to return to the practice field after medical tests ruled out cancer as the cause of his mystery illness.

Maclin began suffering weight loss, a lack of energy and night sweats among other symptoms back in February, prompting wide speculation around the rising star. The Eagles had said little about the illness, at Maclin's request.

Months of extensive testing revealed little but trainer Rick Burkholder said doctors were able to rule out illnesses such as cancer, HIV, Lyme disease, and anemia.

"We're confident that what he has is not life-threatening and he's able to go back to play football without problems," Burkholder said on a conference call. "He doesn't have lymphoma, he doesn't have Hodgkin's, he doesn't have cancer - which is the hurdle we wanted to clear."

That last hurdle was a test for lymphoma which removed a large portion or all of one lymph node on Aug. 11, Burkholder said. Maclin confirmed to FOXSports that his lymph nodes had been enlarged.

"When the doctor sat me down and explained to me exactly what lymphoma is, that it's a form of cancer, it hit me when I walked out of his office and I broke down," Maclin told FoxSports.

Maclin, however, still has some "inflammation in his system" that will be treated and is expected to begin running and lifting weights with the team Friday or Saturday in Philadelphia. If all goes as expected, he could return to practice in seven to 10 days.

"I want everyone to know I'm fine, I'm healthy," Maclin said.

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