Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Now?

Philadelphia, PA (The Phanatic Magazine) - When Eric Hinske swung over another nasty Brad Lidge slider, it was over.

Like Steve Carell in the 40-year-old virgin, Philadelphia and the Phillies finally scored.

The well-chronicled 25-year drought (28 for the Fightins) was over.

So now what?

In one fell swoop -- did the city become Boston?

Will Philadelphia fans, known for their brashness and the ability to love without precondition, turn into the same type of haughty fans they have always despised?

Will WIP, built as the original whine line/suicide prevention service, need a government bailout to survive?

Will fans forget that Donovan McNabb puked in the Super Bowl?

Will they give Andy Reid and Jeffrey Lurie a break?

Will Ed Snider slink off into the sunset while lamenting his own curse? After all, poor Ed has really been trying to win you all a championship for over 30 years.

Will the Sixers ever learn to defend the three-point line?

When will Paul Holmgren realize the coach he found in the Walmart clearance aisle is broken?

Did anyone wake up this morning and think the Phillies ownership group isn't all that bad?

Or will they count this as a 10-year pass and play Florida Marlins?

Does Pat Burrell walk and satisfy the ladies in an American League city?

Do the Phillies balk at another huge Ryan Howard raise in arbitration and trade the slugger to a team with more famous pinstripes?

(Closed circuit to Howard Eskin and Bill Conlin) Does Charlie Manuel now understand that pesky double-switch?

Why is Frankford and Cottman the party epicenter of this city?

Did McMullen escape South Philly and the Sixers game before Armageddon hit?

Does anyone realize Barack Obama and John McCain are two of the worst presidential candidates in American history?

Who knows and who cares.

For once, Philadelphia is a champion...Enjoy it.

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