Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanks for killing baseball, guys

By Jeff Glauser
The Phanatic Magazine

Barry Bonds was indicted yesterday, perhaps putting the process in motion for his inevitable epitaph as a cheater. By no means a victim, if allegations – as expected – are proven to be true, he should also not have to be the fall guy. Bonds did not initiate this fiasco, nor did he conclude it.

Instead, the real blame lies on two gentlemen in particular, neither of which – judging by their physiques and the fact that they’re both cowards – have ever even used performance-enhancing drugs.

Yes, a hearty congratulations goes out to Commissioner Bud Selig and Union boss Donald Fehr.

By the results of your duplicity, you’ve both created a circus.

By the results of your cover-ups and willingness to look the other way, you’ve turned the nation’s pastime into a farce.

By the results of your compliance to let these scandals linger for so long, you’ve created a mockery of some of the most sacred records in the history of sport.

By the results of your hypocritical statements, a modern-day witch hunt will soon commence, ensuing in the presumed vilification of many of this generation’s greatest stars. Yes, it’s true you did not force them to break the rules of the game and the rules of the law, but you did not stop them, either. They are merely convenient scapegoats in the grand scheme of this, whereas the two of you served as the gas to the flame.

By the results of this, an instinctive paranoia will be created any time a player’s statistics look too good to be true. There will be no such thing as the benefit of the doubt.

By the results of more than a decade of careless actions, you’ve created a lasting black mark on the game, anointing an era which will be looked back upon in disgrace.

By the results of your greed and selfishness, you’ve alienated a generation of fan and disenfranchised a future one.

By the results of your sheer ineptitude, the sport you represent has become the epitome of all that’s wrong with sport in general and American society as a whole.

Again, congratulations to both of you, for your years of contributions toward denigrating the legacy of Major League Baseball, all in the name of saving face, gaining revenue and preserving vanity.

I hope it was worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Saying Barry Bonds is the least responsible person here is like saying the alcohol companies are responsible for some jackass drinking a fith of crown, getting behind the wheel, and killing a family of 4.

Can't an individual actually take the blame for once. After all, I doubt that Greg put a gun in his face and made him shoot up.

Plainly put, Barry Bonds has and always will be bad for baseball (even without these indictments).