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Bonds indictment excerpts.

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On or about December 4, 2003, in the Northern District of California, the defendant, Barry Lamar Bonds, having taken an oath to testify truthfully in a proceeding before a Grand Jury sitting in the Northern District of California, unlawfully, willfully, knowingly, and contrary to such oath, did make false material declarations, that is, he gave the following underlined false testimony.

Q: I know the answer -- let me ask you this again. I know we kind of got the into this. Let me be real clear about this. Did he (Anderson) ever give you anything that you knew to be a steroid? Did he ever give a steroid?

A: I don't think Greg would do anything like that to me and jeopardize our friendship. I just don't think he would do that.

Q: Well, when you say you don't think he would do that, to your knowledge, I mean, did you ever take any steroids that he gave you?


Q: Okay. So, I got to ask, Mr. Bonds. There's this number associated on a document with your name, and corresponding to Barry B. on the other document, and it does have these two listed anabolic steroids as testing positive in connection with it. Do you follow my question?

A: I follow where you're going, yeah.

Q: So, I guess I got to ask the question again, I mean, did you take steroids? And specifically this test the is in November of 2000. So, I'm going to ask you in the weeks and months leading up to November 2000, were you taking steroids --

A: NO.

Q: -- or anything like that?

A: NO, I WASN'T AT ALL. I've never seen these documents. I've never seen these papers.

Q: So, starting in December 2001, on this page, again, there's BB here, which obviously are consistent with your initials; correct?

A: He could know other BBs.

Q: Correct. But BB would also be your initials; is that correct.

A: That's correct.

Q: Okay. Were you obtaining testosterone from Mr. Anderson during this period of time?


Q: In January 2001 were you taking either the flax seed oil or the cream?

A: No.

Q: And were you taking any other steroids?

A: NO.

Q: All right. did Greg ever talk to you or give you anything called human growth hormone?

A: NO.

Q: And, again, just to be clear and then I'll leave it, but he (Anderson) never gave you anything that you understood to be human growth hormone? Did he ever give you anything like that?

A: NO.

Q: And were you obtaining growth hormone from Mr. Anderson?


Q: In January of 2002, then, again, just to be clear, you weren't getting any testosterone or growth hormone from Mr. Anderson during that period of time?

A: NO.

Q: Let me ask the same question about Greg at this point, we'll go into this in a little bit more detail, but did you ever get anything else from Greg besides advice or tips on your weight lifting and also the vitamins and the proteins that you already referenced?

A: This year, in 2003 -- at the end of 2002, 2003 season, when I was going through -- my dad died of cancer, you know, and everyone knows that.

Q: Yes. I'm sorry about that.

A: And everyone tries to give me everything. You got companies that provide us with more junk to try than anything. And you know that as well. I was fatigued, tired, just needed recovery, you know. And this guy says: "Try this cream, try this cream." And Greg came to the ballpark and he said, you know: "This will help you recover," and he rubbed some cream on my arm, like, some lotion-type stuff, and like, gave me some flax seed oil, that's what he called it, called it some flax seed oil, man. It's like: "Whatever, dude." And I was at the ballpark, whatever, I don't care. What's lotion going to do to me? How many times have I heard that: "This is going to rub into you and work." Let him be happy. We're friends. You know?

Q: When did that happen for the first time?


Q: And -- all right. So, how many times approximately do you think you got these tubes with what Mr. Anderson told you was flax seed oil?

A: Maybe once a home stand or something, if that. Greg didn't travel with me on the road. So, I was at home, when I came home.

Q: And the first time was the beginning of this year's season, in 2003?

A: YES, 2003, because I was battling with the problems with my father and the -- just the lack of sleep, lack of everything."

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