Thursday, November 29, 2007

Phils unveil altenate home uni's

A new alternate home uniform will be worn by the Phillies during the 2008 season in a tribute to the team’s 125th anniversary.

For all home day games, starting with the April 3 Citizens Bank Businessperson’s Special, the Phillies will wear an alternate uniform, styled after the one the team wore in the 1940s.

“It’s a throwback uniform with a modern touch,” said David Buck, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Advertising Sales. “It has been a while since we wore a uniform at home that didn’t feature pinstripes. We believe the fans will love them.

“Additionally, the alternate jerseys will be made out of a ‘cool base’ fabric that provides for better comfort for our players.”

The uniforms are manufactured by Majestic Athletic. New Era manufactures the red, white and blue caps.

From 1946 through 1949, the Phillies wore a similar-styled uniform. Since 1950, the team has had red pinstripes as part of their home uniforms.

Two Phillies Hall of Famers, Robin Roberts and the late Richie Ashburn, made their debuts 60 years ago wearing the cream-colored uniform.

“It is fitting that we bring back a uniform style from their rookie season because they have been two giant icons in our history,” added Buck.

Ashburn made his debut on April 20, 1948, going 1-for-5 against the Boston Braves in the season opener at Shibe Park. Roberts’ debut came on June 18, also at Shibe Park, a 2-0 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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