Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hartnell, Stevens React to Hit, Suspension

Courtesy of the Philadelphia Flyers

“If you look at the video and the time of the game, I wasn’t trying to hurt the guy,” Hartnell said. “I pulled up and did just try to rub into the guy, but his head was right on that dasher board there. It was unfortunate. It was a split decision to make a play, and unfortunately he was down.”

“You can’t worry about repercussions when you’re finishing a check like that," Hartnell added. "Obviously, looking back on it, I guess I could have skated away and not finished my check, but that’s part of my game. Everyone in here finishes their check every time you’re out there. All of that kind of stuff wears on the other team and gives your team an advantage.”

“The puck just looked like it was bouncing, and normally you would take it with your foot or your hand, but he just chose to drop down in front of it,” said Flyers head coach John Stevens of Alberts’ unconventional maneuver. “All of a sudden a player goes from his feet to his knees.

“In Scott’s case last night, he’s probably five or eight feet away to go make contact and the guy drops to his knees. It looked like [Hartnell’s] skates were turned and he tried to let up, but he didn’t totally let up.

“I think his whole idea was to go get the puck back, and if you’re going to defend at all, you’ve got to be able to use body position and make physical contact to get the puck back.”

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