Thursday, June 13, 2013

Updates from Merion

On the USGA restarting round one after a weather delay
Arron Oberholser (@ArronOberholser): “These guys don’t want to play lift, clean and place at all. For a restart to happen, it would take an extraordinary set of circumstances.”

On low scores at Merion Golf Club
Arron Oberholser: “The scoring that everyone has been talking about all week, and how it could be record low scoring, I’m not sure about that. I’ve got the number at -6 winning. I might take the under on my own score.”
On Merion Golf Club
Arron Oberholser: “That is the beauty of this golf course. You have long holes and you have short holes. There are par 5s that you can reach and a par 5 that you can’t. You will see eagles on the par 4s and see an eagle on a par 5. You might see a hole-in-one on #13. Then again, you will see double or triple bogeys.”

Frank Nobilo (@FrankNobiloGC): “There was a lot of debate coming into the U.S. Open if time has passed Merion by. Is Merion too short? The easy answer is no. It is still a great golf course.”

On Merion Golf Club
David B. Fay: “Some people probably are hoping that Merion is going to get annihilated and say that they (USGA) have lost control. I think that they are going to be disappointed.”

On Tiger Woods
David B. Fay: “Will he get to Nicklaus’ record? I used to think he would. I don’t think so now. I don’t think it has to do with his ball striking and I don’t know if it has to do with him as a finisher. I’m one of those simple people who believe time is moving on.”

On the chances of playing lift, clean and place at Merion
David B. Fay: “If that were to happen, Don McLean would write another song. It would be ‘The Day the USGA Died.’”

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