Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Live from Merion: experts talk playing conditions and Tiger

On Predicting Playing Conditions and Scoring:

Brandel Chamblee (@BrandelChamblee):  “Nobody really has a sense of how this golf course is going to play, and players, media and everyone, alike, doesn’t have any sense of what the players are going to shoot.”

On Tiger Woods:

Frank Nobilo (@FrankNobiloGC):  “While he has been inconsistent, sometimes it’s like criticizing the smile on the Mona Lisa – is it perfect, is it not.  There’s two sides to every coin.”

On Merion Golf Club:

David B. Fay (former USGA executive director):  “It’s been said that Merion proved that whatever else she is, she ain’t no lady.”

Frank Nobilo:  “It’s perfectly unbalanced.”

On USGA’s choice of U.S. Open Courses:

David B. Fay:  “There was a time – and I don’t think the USGA ever openly admitted it – that it was really fixated on the score.  I think that sort of slipped away a bit with Tiger’s performance in 2000 at Pebble Beach and it was punctuated by Rory’s performance.”

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