Friday, June 14, 2013

Experts review Day 1 at U.S. Open

On the opening round leaderboard at the U.S. Open
Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel) – “I am a bit surprised at how much golf the players got in today and I am also a bit surprised at the quality of this leaderboard.”

On the opening round at Merion Golf Club
Colin Montgomerie – “I think it has stood up to the test.”

Brandel Chamblee – “It caught a lot of people off guard.”

Colin Montgomerie – “Today was as easy as you could possibly play this golf course.”

Frank Nobilo (@FrankNobiloGC) – “Don’t mistake these guys.  These guys can really play.  One of two of them will really start to come to grips with this golf course, because it is great and it deserves great play.”

On Luke Donald
Colin Montgomerie – “For such a short hitter, Luke Donald does not hit as many fairways as many people think he does…Lee Trevino always said if you hit the fairways you have a chance, if you don’t – and you saw what happened to Tiger Woods – you are making mistakes.”

On Tiger Woods’ golf swing and the stress on his left wrist
Brandel Chamblee – “One of the most shocking things I have seen in the last couple of weeks is just how short Tiger Woods’ golf swing has gotten.  When you combine that with a little bit of a bow in the left wrist and the quick change in direction, he is setting himself up for stress with that left wrist.”

On Tiger Woods
Frank Nobilo – “We knew yesterday he needed to do three things to play well.  Had to drive the ball well, had to wedge it well and had to putt well. He three-putted two greens, didn’t really wedge it close and hit the ball too many times out of the hay.  And that was just in 11 holes.”

On Phil Mickelson’s opening round
Colin Montgomerie – “What a great effort.  If anyone deserves to win this U.S. Open, it is Phil.”

On Sergio Garcia’s opening round and his back nine 33
Colin Montgomerie – “All credit to him for hanging in there, because it hasn’t been easy for him this last month.”

Brandel Chamblee – “This is a big week for Sergio Garcia because if he can handle the inevitable jeering of this crowd and handle it magnanimously and respond with respect, I think he will gain the respect of fans and the media.  And he will gain his own respect.”

Brandel Chamblee – “This is a very big week for Sergio Garcia.  It is time for Sergio Garcia to grow up and to respect himself and respect his talent.  He is good enough to win multiple major championships, if he would start to respect his own talent and handle the intrusions that are so hard to handle.  But he needs to handle them and get over them.”

Colin Montgomerie – “Sergio now has to believe in himself and move on.”

On Adam Scott
Frank Nobilo – “Confidence is fickle.  Belief is far more permanent.  He now has belief.”

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