Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hip-Hop is no more

PHILADELPHIA – Bring back Big Shot!

The Sixers are officially parting ways with their mascot Hip-Hop, an idea that never really worked and was roundly criticized when the team's new ownership polled its season ticket holders.

Mindful of the two kids out there that might have actually liked the juiced-up rabbit, Sixers new Chief Executive Officer and co-Owner Adam Aron announced today that Hip-Hop, informed the team’s new ownership group that he has fallen in love, married and will relocate to a rural part of Pennsylvania to start a family. 

As a result, the Sixers have hired the world famous Jim Henson Creature Shop and Raymond Entertainment Group to recruit a new team mascot.

“We have proclaimed quite loudly in Philadelphia that we will listen to Sixers fans,” Aron said. “In the 6,500 fan comments and suggestions we received so far at NewSixersOwner.com, there was a tidal wave of commentary suggesting the Sixers needed a new mascot. We have hired an incredibly talented duo in Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and the Raymond Entertainment Group to help us develop a new mascot for the 76ers.”

The new mascot comes at a time when the Sixers new ownership has pledged to transform and enhance the game presentation at Sixers games.

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