Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sixers officially announce price cuts

PHILADELPHIA – The Philadelphia 76ers new Chief Executive Officer Adam Aron announced today that the team will significantly reduce single-game ticket prices of over 8,800 seats at the Wells Fargo Center for the upcoming 2011-12 season.

A new single-game ticket pricing structure will be implemented throughout the arena, when individual tickets go on sale. As a result, the price of 8,847 seats in the lower and upper bowl will be lowered. In total, approximately 51% of the seating in the open lower and mezzanine bowls will be reduced.

“We are committed to providing our fans with the most entertaining in-game experience in the NBA, and also one of the most affordable,” Aron said. “At the Sixers, we want to be on the side of the fan, so in these tough economic times when family budgets are strained, we decided to dramatically lower ticket prices, in many cases lowering ticket prices in half. We want to make the Philadelphia 76ers as accessible to our fans as possible. As a result, price should not be an obstacle that prevents basketball fans from enjoying the Sixers in person.”

Aron added, “We want to see 76ers fans at the Wells Fargo Center. On game nights, come to the arena. Guys and girls, bring a friend. Parents, bring your kids. And what a show you will see when you do. The Sixers are intent on transforming the fan experience and creating a happening on game nights that will get all of Philadelphia talking.”

As three examples of the new lower prices, fans can sit in the Lower Bowl for as little as $29. Last year, the lowest price for lower level seating was $54. And even some ticket prices on the side of the court in the Lower Bowl have been reduced – as this season Baseline Seats in rows 11-23 are priced at $89 and $59. Last season, those same seats were all $101. 

Price reductions will be especially evident in the Mezzanine Bowl. Prices for seats in rows 8-15 on the center red line, and encompassing 10 full sections of the Mezzanine Bowl, have been set at $20 for the new season. The same seat last year was $45.

Note that ticket prices will be slightly higher for newly designated Select Games ($5) and Choice Games ($10).

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