Monday, February 25, 2008

NFL Combine news

Pool reporter Randy Covitz said Penn State quarterback Anthony Morelli's throws were crisp. He completed a short out to Kansas State's Jordy Nelson and he perfectly led Jaymar Johnson of Jackson State on a fly pattern. Both of his slants were on the money. He overthrew his next throw on a slant pattern but then made up for it with a completion. On the 45-yard bombs down the numbers, he laid out one pass the receiver had to slow down to catch. On the next one, he overcompensated and overthrew it. His passes on the 12-yard combacks were dead on.

Meanwhile, Geoff Mosher reported that Delaward QB Joe Flacco's arm strength stood out among the first roup of quarterbacks. He threw a sharp, tight spiral -- especially on deeper patterns -- and generally showed precision on routes along the sideline. Given that he ran a spread offense in college, footwork -- particularly on his three-step drops -- didn't appear to be a hindrance. His form and technique were on par. He also bounced back well after mistakes. In one drill (a 15-yard post corner), his timing was off and he threw wide of both receivers. On his second attempt, though, he completed both passes and looked much sharper.

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