Friday, December 21, 2007

Reid press conference on Philly Mag article

“Before I get started on the injuries, I would just like to address the article that is coming out in Philadelphia Magazine. Some of you folks already have it. As I told you in the press release, it was a way for us to share our story with others. We’ve gotten tremendous support through this whole event. It was a way to reach out to those who are going through similar situations. It was an opportunity to do this while the players were still in town, and give them an opportunity to read about it so that there would be no gray areas as they left town. With that, you can go ahead and proceed to read the article, if you already haven’t, and go from there. I’m not going to open this up for questions. Obviously, there are things still pending and I don’t want to get into a verbal debate here about anything. I’m just going to leave it at that. I appreciate you helping me out with that and we’ll try to talk here about the upcoming football game.”

On the timing of the upcoming article in Philadelphia Magazine:

“Everybody’s here. Everybody is here that went through this. It was an opportunity, before the season is over, to make sure that everybody saw it and that there was no hearsay. Everything’s right here and I thought that was an important thing to do.”

On whether the article would have been a distraction had the Eagles been in the playoff hunt:

“I don’t think so. I wouldn’t have done it if I thought that.”

On what advice he would give to other families in similar positions:

“I really can’t get into all that. I would love them to read the article. I would love for them to do that; it’s all explained in there. I would say, on the other hand, that we’re so grateful for those that have reached out; people with similar situations. That was one of the leading forces in doing this. I would like to leave it at that.”

On what he wants people with similar situations to take from the article:

“That they’re not the only ones. That this happens everywhere.”

On why he chose Philadelphia Magazine for his story and not the general media:

“People have reached out. It’s been phenomenal. I can’t tell you how, it’s been unbelievable, the people that have reached out. I felt that was the only way to reach everybody in one shot. I think this does that. Let’s move on to the Saints.”

On whether he was surprised at how people have responded to the situation:

“They’ve been great. I think you all know how I feel. I appreciate the concern and let’s leave it at that.”

On what he would tell people who aren’t able to read Philadelphia Magazine:

“I’m just so appreciative of everything and the way people have handled it. That’s all. I appreciate it.”

On the contributions the magazine decided to make to a charity of Reid’s choice:

“I’m not going to go into all that right now. We have an idea. That will all come out later.”

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