Friday, December 07, 2007

DMac's back...

Well, not so fast...It was probably just Joe Banner posturing to up Donovan McNabb's trade value but here's what the Eagles president said on the Andy Reid fan club show (610WIP's Howard Eskin show) Thursday:

"I can't envision a situation in which [Donovan McNabb] is not our quarterback next year. We are talking about a quarterback who went to four straight [NFC] Championship Games. There are only four quarterbacks in the history of the league that have done that. You are talking about a quarterback who has had a higher winning percentage in his first seven years in the league than Peyton Manning. You are talking about a quarterback that has one of the highest quarterback ratings over the first seven seasons, one of the best TD-to-interceptions ratios of any quarterback in the history of this game in his first seven seasons in the league . . . . My expectations, and I can't really even picture a different scenario, is that he'll be the quarterback."

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