Saturday, October 20, 2012

UFL may be over after all

If there's anything to be said for the fledgling UFL, it is this: the imminent collapse of the league is one badly-kept secret.

On Tuesday, Philly Sports Live, and one of its writers, Charlie Flowe, reported that the league was about to go under, having cancelled its remaining schedule.

That piece was later retracted by apology, but tweets on Saturday from a purported "insider" named "Mr. U" indicate that the initial report was correct.

That was backed up by the intrepid reporters from Deadspin, which reported this afternoon that the league is in dire financial straits.

Nonetheless, the UFL seems poised for things to exist as normal, with Week 5's slate set to kick off Tuesday when Sacramento visits Omaha and the remainder of the league schedule still accessible on the main site.

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