Thursday, October 18, 2012

Garrett Reid died of accidental overdose

Garrett Reid, the son of Eagles head coach Andy Reid, died of an accidental overdose of heroin.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli along with county Coroner Zachary Lysek made the announcement at a Thursday afternoon press conference in Easton, PA. According to the Allentown Morning Call, an investigation into the matter revealed the death was directly related to a relapse by Reid's oldest, and most troubled, child.

"These results sadly confirmed what we had expected all along. We understood that Garrett’s long-standing battle with addiction was going to be difficult, the elder Reid said in a statement shortly after the ruling. "He will, however, always have our family’s love and respect for the courage he showed in trying to overcome it. In the end, we take comfort in our faith and know that he’s in a better place. We miss Garrett. We miss his smile, his laugh, and his energy and we will forever love him.

"There are many other individuals and families engaged in this struggle in their own lives, and they will always have our support, encouragement, and understanding. Never give up!”

Reid, 29, passed away suddenly on August 5 while the Birds were at Lehigh University for training camp, where he was working as an assistant to strength and conditioning coaches. The paper additionally reported that Reid was found with a defibrillator attached to his chest before medical crews were able to attend to him.

It was a tragic and sudden end to a life framed by addiction to powerful drugs. Reid had been arrested multiple times, including in January of 2007 when he drove while under the influence of heroin and injured a fellow driver.

Reid was also later caught sneaking pills into prison. Sentenced to two years in a state-prison treatment program, he completed his time in May of 2010, though not before relapsing during time spent at a halfway house.

Hundreds turned out for his funeral, including NFL luminaries such as Ron Jaworski, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

According to several sources, multiple syringes as well as vials of a liquid substance and other drug paraphernalia were found near Reid at the time of death. Morganelli added that the investigation would continue, in order to find individuals who could have supplied Reid with the illegal substances. 

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