Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sixers - Magic Game 6 pre-game thoughts

Good news on the officials. There will be no Steve Javie, Dick Bavetta, Joey Crawford or Bennett Salvatore so the star@#$%ing will be kept to a minimum. It's Scott Foster, Tom Washington and Derrick Collins. Of course, that's probably bad news for a potential Game 7. That has Javie written all over it.

JJ Redick gets the start over Mikael Pietrus for Courtney Lee. Doesn't matter, Pietrus will get most of the minutes. Stan Van Gundy just hopes Redick bangs a few threes. By the way, I called Redick at Duke...Thought he would be an awful NBA player but I didn't think he would be this bad.

Speaking of threes, the Sixers, save Andre Miller aren't a very smart team, so this has trap written all over it. I'm quite sure Tony DiLeo and his assistants are imploring their players to run everybody and their mother off the 3-point line with no Dwight Howard in the lineup. You can live with Martin Gortat and Tony Battie making 14-footers. The only way Orlando wins this came is with a ton of treys.

On the offensive end, Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams better not settle for the jumper. Drive, drive, drive...

For those of you wondering why Marresse Speights has been benched. Understand he's a poor defensive rebounder and defender so he's not an option when Howard is around. I would expect him to get a few minutes tonight. If he's hot early, DiLeo will stick with him...

5,000 tix left as of an hour ago. Philly's a basketball town? A couple members of the Magic press are ripping the fans and it's kinda tough to defend.

Big cheer went up when Matt Cord announced Dwight Howards's suspension...

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