Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ingram, Harris & Tupou talk about being drafted

TE Cornelius Ingram Conference Call


On how he feels to be drafted by the Eagles:

“I feel good, real good.”

On whether he felt that he was going to be drafted higher:

“You know, I was thinking that I would but at the same time I know the knee problem was a question to a lot of teams. I’m at the point in my life where I am happy for the opportunity and for Philadelphia giving me this chance because I am definitely going to take advantage of it. I’m going to be one of the hardest working guys out there on the field and I am ready to get started.”

On what he knows about the Eagles system and how much contact he had with them:

“I was aware of, of course, Donovan McNabb, they got rid of L.J. Smith, we have some great, great, great young receivers in [DeSean] Jackson and just picking up [Jeremy] Maclin. I’m just looking forward to the opportunity. [Brian] Westbrook is in there and it’s almost like the perfect fit.”

On how he would describe himself as a tight end:

“I think I am definitely more of a vertical tight end, receiver tight end because of the style of offense we ran at Florida. At the same time, I know I did not do a whole lot of blocking as far as being an attached tight end because we were so into the spread. But I know I can do it and I know I can stretch the field vertically so I am just ready to start.”

On whether the injury will hinder his ability to adjust or get back into action:

“Not really. I think it is just more of a mental thing coming off of an injury like this. Nine times out of ten with some guys it might happen differently as far as getting hit a certain way but when I got hurt it was just me catching the ball and someone pulling my shoulder pads. It’s more mental so I think once I start playing and I get going I will be fine because it wasn’t a drastic hit or a blow to the knee or anything like that, it just got stuck in the ground. I will have no fear of going out there and just turning loose and being myself.”

On when he decided to give up basketball and focus on football:

“I knew I just wanted to focus and be a better football player. Evidently it is hard to do both at any school, especially at Florida which is top-notch in basketball and football. It was definitely tough to juggle both of them. I knew with my size and what I could do with the football, my career was in football so I am glad I made that decision to stick with it.”

On playing QB in high school and whether he has talked about playing in the Wildcat:

“Yeah. There were definitely a couple teams that mentioned that. I think it wouldn’t be a problem because I throw all the time. Even when I was moved to tight end in college I was always [throwing]. I went to college as a quarterback so I was always throwing, even when I made the change to go to tight end. I was just used to throwing and running the ball came naturally because I did that a lot in high school. I’m just happy and I’m blessed to be in this position.”

On whether he is familiar with TE Brent Celek at all:

“Yes I am. He actually had a pretty good playoff. I watched him a lot last season.”

CB Victor “Macho” Harris Conference Call


On being drafted by the Eagles:

“I feel great. I thank God for this opportunity. I’ve been waiting, it’s been a long ride and to be drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, I’m close to home. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to have great player. I’m going to be coachable and a game-changer, so they don’t have to worry about that. I’m so excited man.”

On playing both offense and defense in college and being able to focus on defense in the NFL:

“Doing it in college I had to make my mind up and do it all to help the team. We wanted to go out as a team and win the BCS or what not and it’s exciting. Just to come back and be drafted by the Eagles, it’s exciting.”

On his draft-day experience:

“My day has been long but very blessed. I’m happy now. I’m glad and like I said, I’m an Eagle now so I’m not worried about it. I’m excited to go up there and play with all these great guys like [CB] Asante Samuel and [CB] [Ellis] Hobbs. Those guys are great veterans in the game and I’m excited to come in and learn from those guys because those guys right there are some great guys. I’m ready to go in and listen and play my role and come in and play ball.”

On how he got his nickname, ‘Macho’:

“When I was two years old my dad said I was very challenging. I was running around the house with my bike and stuff being a little challenging boy and he wanted to name a challenging name, a tough name, a masculine name like Macho. It’s stuck with me ever since.”

On his knowledge of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson:

“I know he likes to attack. The front seven is going to attack and the secondary has to hold up. Like I said they have great players in the secondary that hold up throughout the years. All I can do is come in and continue the tradition of a great secondary and continue the [tradition] of great defensive players that the Eagles have had. I’m excited to go ahead and make it happen.”

OT Fenuki Tupou Conference Call


On how he feels about being drafted by the Eagles:

“It’s a dream come true. It finally happened. It’s a good feeling. Nothing in the world like it.”

On where he thinks he will fit in on the team:

“Wherever they have me at. I’m just looking to come in and contribute any way possible whether it’s at guard or tackle. I really like the way offensive line coach [Juan] Castillo’s coaching style is. Wherever he has me at, I’m going to put forth 110 percent and do my best to contribute in any way possible.”

On whether he has talked to coach Castillo:

“Yeah, I just got off the phone with him a few minutes ago.”

On what Castillo had to say:

“He said that he’s looking forward to working with me. He’s going to send me a playbook here in a few days; get familiar with the plays. He’s really looking forward to meeting me and getting to know me better. I really like him; a real nice guy, a real classy guy.”

On whether they have talked to him about playing guard:

“That’s been the rumors with my agent and other teams that talked to me at the combine. Possibly look at me playing guard, either guard, or switching me over to right tackle. I’m looking forward to the challenge. I know I learned from one of the best coaches in the league, so they prepared me well.”

On how he ended up playing on the offensive line after playing so many positions in high school:

“It actually happened when I went to [junior college]. I played quarterback, tight end and defensive end in high school to my first year at [junior college]. When the coach took a look at me he thought right away left tackle because that’s where we had a need for that position at the [junior college] level. He threw me in there and just went from there.”

On whether he has ever been to Philadelphia:

“No I haven’t. The closest I have ever been to Philly was, I think, when we played Purdue. I think that’s the closest I have ever been to Philadelphia or Pennsylvania. I took my trip out there in March, yeah I think March; last month. I really liked it. The weather reminded me of Oregon, overcast; just a real historic place. I can really see myself fitting in over there.”

On not seeming to be excited after getting drafted:

“Oh no, I’m just trying to hold back. All my family is inside, I’m in the room. I’m just trying to keep my composure. Just trying not to shed some tears; just trying to hold it in. I’ve never been one to really show emotion. I’m at a loss for words. I’m just trying to hold it in, I guess. I’m real excited. I can’t wait to get over there.”

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