Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DMac YardBarks

Donovan McNabb latest blog is up over at and the enignatic one is happy for once...

It's been a terrific offseason for me. I have spent most of my time in Arizona with my wife and three kids. Having a chance to be a dad - going to my daughter's soccer games and dance recitals, and seeing the babies grow and develop; there is nothing better than that. I am truly blessed and fortunate that the American Diabetes Association will honor me and two other men in June as Father of the Year. But I'm not the only McNabb that is blessed...Saturday night my parents will be honored by the Allied Athlete Group in Atlanta for their work with the Professional Football Players Mothers and National Football Players Fathers Associations. And on Saturday my wife will hold her annual Philadelphia Community Baby Shower for expectant mothers.

Make no mistake, I've been training like crazy to make sure that I can improve as a quarterback and do everything necessary to try and win a championship for this city. I said it before, I was inspired by the way the Phillies won the World Series and how they were treated by the City and their fans and I want to experience that myself in the worst way.

Now down to some football talk.....

You'll notice that I am ready to move forward. I'm the first to admit that you must learn from your failures, I also believe that you cannot change the past. It's time to focus on the future.

As with every minicamp since I've been in the league, I'm excited about meeting my new teammates, getting to know them and working together on the field. We now have a lot of new, young skill position players and it will be exciting and interesting to see how they become acclimated to what we do here. If they can come in here and take their game to the next level, they will be productive pros and we can achieve great successes together. I want to welcome the new rookies and am excited to get to work with them.

I haven't taken the tim e yet to welcome some of the veteran free agents to the team. I'm looking forward to working with a new set of bookends on the o-line. Stacey Andrews and Jason Peters are young, athletic and physical. They will help in both the passing and running game. The same can be said for fullback Leonard Weaver. As for the additions on defense - Ellis Hobbs, Rashad Baker, and Sean Jones - I can't wait to see how Jim Johnson uses all the talent he has at his disposal.

I want to congratulate all the newcomers and let them know that I am excited to be working with them and taking the first step towards moving forward and get ting something accomplished.

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