Friday, July 14, 2006

Pure genius

By Steven Lienert

After throwing my hands up in disgust over what Phillies minority owner Bill Giles said last Monday about the Brett Myers situation, I thought there was no way the team's public relations staff could ever recover.

In case you missed it, Giles insisted Myers didn't actually hit his wife, but that the pitcher was helping her up. Perhaps Mr. Giles should go get his head examined because it seems senility is setting in.

For five days, I was on the fence on whether or not I could don my Phillies cap for the rest of the season without feeling like a fool.

But salvation came to me today, and it came from the most unexpected source: Terrell Owens.

You see, T.O. was signing copies of his new self-titled book "T.O." down in Dallas on Thursday when he was quoted as saying he was misquoted in his own autobiography.

This guy is a genius.

The apparent discrepancy lied in Owens own (or not own) description of his comeback from his leg fracture in time for Super Bowl 39. The direct quote from the book: "If you'll forgive me for saying so ... nothing short of heroic."

That was in quotes. But then he backtracked on Thursday and said: "(Heroic) was one of the words that Jason used... I can't say that I called it 'heroic.'"

This after being quoted as saying, "These are my words, straight from me to you" on the second page of the same book.

Either Owens didn't get around to reading his own book until just now or he's dumber than a box of rocks. (I'll take C: All of the above). Like it's so far fetched that Owens would call himself heroic. This is a guy that compared himself to Jesus, lest we forget.

Either way, he pretty much just threw Jason Rosenhaus under the bus, much like he threw former agent David Joseph under the bus. And much like he will throw Drew Rosenhaus, Jerry Jones, Bill Parcells and most of his Cowboys' teammates right under the bus in the very near future.

This after Jason worked with Drew to help Owens get his three-year, $25 million contract from Jones in March. Good luck, Bill. It's hard for me to feel sorry for the coach of the Cowboys, but it's happening.

Speaking of Bill, Mr. Giles should come out and say he was misquoted, too; that only certain excerpts were used from his conversation and/or everything he said has been misconstrued by foolish fans and angry members of the media.

Or just cover it up by having Dave Montgomery come out and say he misunderstood everything. Oh, wait a second -- they already did that.

Terrell Owens and Bill Giles... two shining examples of pure genius.

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