Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ways to Have Some Friendly Office Rivalry

Having a competitive spirit in your office really is not a bad thing.  It can help boost productivity and morale if it is used effectively.  You don't want to turn co-workers against each other, but using some competitiveness can be a great way to build some team spirit.  There are some great activities which you can do with your office that can really help strengthen the relationships of everyone in the office where everyone either competes with each other or against other teams.

One way which your co-workers can use their competitive spirit against another team is to attend a quiz night.  Form a team with some of your smarter people in your office and you can dominate at the pub.  You will get the chance to bond as you beat the other teams with useless and important knowledge of current events, pop culture, history or whatever.

One way where co-workers can compete against each other is through a paintball competition.  Sure, if you play capture the flag there are probably officially teams, but there is always the chance of someone going rogue.  Plus you can set up teams with people from your department or between two departments.  Paintballing is great fun and allows everyone to practice the art of camouflage.

Bowling is an activity where the office can either compete against other teams or coworkers can compete against each other.  If you want to participate in a league and create a team with co-workers, you may want to get some equipment like a bowling ball, shoes and bowling bags.  You can also go up against other coworkers for fun in much more leisurely setting.  The great thing is that bowling is fantastic for all sorts of different ages and activity levels, meaning that almost everyone can participate.  For a family event, bowling is great also since kids love it.  Find whatever bowling equipment you might need at

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