Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Eve Centenary

Today is Christmas Eve.

It is also Day 100 of the third lockout due to labor disputes in Gary Bettman's tenure as Commissioner of the National Hockey League.

But on to more cheerful things, a link compilation to keep you busy for the next two days, leading up to the resumption of hockey on Boxing Day as the World Junior Championships begin.

Nick Cotsonika from Yahoo! puts his own spin on a Christmas classic.

One of the classiest men to ever wear an NHL sweater is slowly recovering this Holiday season.

Some memories, courtesy of, of a time when the league thought nothing of scheduling games on both December 24 and 25.

And a preview of the upcoming tourney concentrating on Team USA.

Some kids just never learn, and one Canadian is going to pay the price for rough play.

Finally, another take on Jolly Old St. Nick.

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