Thursday, March 30, 2006

Copy Cat

By John McMullen

Cheer up Eagles fans...At least you don’t have to deal with Brad Childress any longer.

Wrestlemania may still be a few days away but Minnesota already had its steel cage death match.

It pitted the crazy quarterback against the egomaniacal head coach.

And Minnesota fans had to take sides.

Of course, in the end -- The fans had nothing to do with the outcome and, for that matter, neither did Brad Childress.

Just like famed mob boss Vincent ‘The Chin” Gigante, who used to walk around the streets of New York mumbling to keep the feds off his back, Daunte Culpepper invented his little crazy streak.


To get away from the town that turned on him and the novices running the laughable “Triangle of Authority” in Minneapolis. Culpepper wanted out of Minnesota in a bad way. He wasn’t happy with the fans embracing Brad Johnson after he suffered a terrible knee injury, he wasn’t happy that the authorities were after him for groping a stripper’s posterior and he wasn’t happy that the Vikings were the only team in the NFL about to enter the season with greenhorns in every major coaching position.

At the same time, Daunte knew Childress made the woefully misinformed Zygi Wilf swoon like a schoolgirl. He also knew Childress was desperately trying to broaden his already sizeable power base in Minnesota.

So Culpepper’s plan was simple -- Alienate Childress with his bizarre behavior and get a one-way ticket out of town.

Sound familiar?

So while Daunte now gets to bask in the sun on South Beach -- What's left in Minnesota?

Much like Philadelphia...Ruins...

Despite having over $30 million in cash on hand, Minnesota’s own three stooges have done little to improve their team.

Yes, they nabbed a great guard in Steve Hutchinson but last I looked, guards aren’t playmakers.

Hmmmmmmm...I wonder where Childress learned his management skills?

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Anonymous said...

Hutchinson is the best OL in the league...wish the Eagles made a run at him...

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when Andy Reid is your role model.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when Andy Reid is your role model.