Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flyers prominently featured on national broadcasts

To the absolute surprise of no one who can observe the intimate connection between Comcast, its ownership of the Philadelphia Flyers and its oversight of the NBC Sports Network, the Orange and Black will be featured quite a bit on the national TV schedule during the 2014-15 season.

A total of 16 games, in fact.

On Wednesday, the long-standing national network still trying to make a go at attracting a wider audience to the National Hockey League announced its full broadcast slate for the upcoming season. The following are the games and particular network the Flyers will be playing to living rooms beyond the Delaware Valley. Matchups of note are listed in bold print.

October 8 at Boston (NBCSN) Season Opener

October 21 at Chicago (NBCSN)

October 22 at Pittsburgh (NBCSN)

November 19 at NY Rangers (NBCSN)

November 26 at Detroit (NBCSN)

November 28 NY Rangers (NBC) Black Friday 1 PM

December 2 at San Jose (NBCSN)

January 14 at Washington (NBCSN)

January 20 Pittsburgh (NBCSN)

February 15 at Buffalo (NBCSN)

February 22 Washington (NBC) 12:30 PM

February 24 at Carolina (NBCSN)

February 28 NY Rangers (NBC) 8 PM

March 25 Chicago (NBCSN)

April 1 at Pittsburgh (NBCSN)

April 5 Pittsburgh (NBC) 12:30 PM

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