Friday, November 15, 2013

SI ranks top NHL fights; Flyers clock in at #1

The results are in, and the Philadelphia Flyers have engaged in the most notorious brawl in NHL history. 

Capitalizing on this year's never-ending debate on the role of fighting in hockey, Sports Illustrated decided to delve as deeply as it can these days on the issue.

A panel of in-house writers decided to rank the 50 landmark fights in league history, and, with the resultant need for video proof, no surprise that an overwhelming majority of the selections were culled from the Expansion Era.

Also no surprise that the Orange and Black got some pub on the list, clocking in ascending order with the #45 selection, #43, #36, #33, #27, #22, #19, #16, and #7 before taking the whole megillah courtesy of their pre-game battle with the Montreal Canadiens prior to Game 6 of the 1987 Wales Conference Finals at the Forum.

Bang the link for the entire piece.

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