Sunday, September 03, 2006

From the 700 level: The true 2006 Eagles' season breakdown

By Steven Lienert

Let's look at this rapidly approaching season realistically for a moment, shall we?

There are five wins just sitting out there for the Birds to snatch: at Houston, at San Fran, Green Bay at the Linc, at New Orleans and the Titans at home.

Let's even goes so far as to expect the Birds to drop one of those games. That's still 4-1.

As far as I see it, there are three certain losses sitting out there as well. Jacksonville at home (AFC at home jinx), at Indy and Carolina at home. Let's say they steal one of those. That's 2-1, and 6-2 overall.

Let's give the NFC East the benefit of the doubt and call it a split: 3-3. That still pushes the Eagles' record to 9-5 with the two pivotal game of the season left: Philly at Tampa and the Falcons at the Linc on New Year's Eve.

If the Eagles take both, they're 11-5. If they split, they're 10-6. Both records get them in the playoffs.

If they lose both, however, then we are looking at the ‘Sports Illustrated Theory’: Everybody in the NFC East finishes 9-7 and the Eagles are left on the outside looking in.

So the Lienert Line on this season is 10-6. And another NFC Championship Game appearance.

Beyond that, however, the crystal ball becomes foggy.

Enjoy the ride back to prominence, Eagles' fans.

I know I will.

With all due journalistic integrity remaining intact, of course.

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Anonymous said...

Who allows you to write for this blog? You are a dope.

Journalistic integrity?? Who are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

agreed, who is this loser.

Anonymous said...

keep dreaming... the eagles will finish last in the division

Anonymous said...

Um, maybe that was sarcasm? Perhaps I, er, um, the writer was trying to relay that I, uh, um, uh, he actually has no journalistic integrity when it comes to the Eagles. If you want to read at a fourth-grade level, however, then read the wraps written at the Sports Network.